Forrest Fenn was a successful businessman, author and gallery owner in Santa Fe. For fun, he hid a treasure chest filled with gold and jewels in 2010 and then published a poem with clues that, if properly followed, could lead the reader to the chest. It took nearly ten years for the poem to finally be solved and the chest found. Neither Forrest, nor the finder revealed where the chest was found or what the actual solution to the poem was. Tragically, Forrest died a short time after the chest was found.

In 2011 Dal Neitzel started a blog about Forrest and the treasure hunt with the idea that searchers would contribute ideas about solving the poem and tell stories about their adventures while looking for Forrest’s treasure. It became a place for a community of searchers for Forrest Fenns treasure chest to meet and share and pose questions.

Hundreds of searchers contributed to that blog. So did Forrest. He wrote over two hundred fifty essays for the blog about his life growing up in Texas and his summers in Yellowstone; his first career as an Air Force fighter pilot; his second career as an art foundry owner; his third career as a successful gallery owner; his fourth career as a writer; his fifth career as an avocational archaeologist and his continuing interest in exploring the world that surrounded him. He also told us about the chest and the items that he placed inside it.

Posts that Forrest wrote for Dal’s original blog such as Scrapbooks, Aberrations, Treasures Bold, Vignettes, Passages and Speed Bumps may be downloaded by clicking on the below link:

This blog will contain never-published material that Forrest sent to Dal Neitzel over the nearly ten active years of the treasure hunt. Some were email exchanges of ideas. Some were stories.

Dal was encouraged to post these unpublished writings of Forrest’s on this new blog by searchers who spent endless hours, days, months and years attempting to solve Forrest’s poem and locate his treasure. Some hope that information in these texts may help them unravel the solution to the poem still hidden from them. Others simply want to continue reading fresh stories from Forrest.

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